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General Sales Conditions

The General Sales Conditions established in this document refer to our supplies, services and quotations. These General Sales Conditions have their territorial scope limited to the territory of Mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions. Thus, any references to the commercial conditions indicated in the purchaser's order confirmation are considered null and void.


Customer orders are considered valid from the moment they are received.

Requests for orders will only be considered requests or written documents that define what is intended and cannot be canceled and/or changed by a different procedure (namely oral), cancellations of orders whose preparation have already started are not considered and will imply the payments of all expenses by the customer. In case Vitroglass is requested by a customer to store raw material in order to satisfy a future order, and this order is not fulfilled, Vitroglass will invoice the customer for the value of that same raw material already purchased for execution of the works, hourly value for the work expended in the preparation or immobilization of machines and other means of production. The customer places the order in the certainty that the ordered products correspond to his expectations in relation to the work and Vitroglass reserves the right to reject the order in the event that it does not comply with any of the order acceptance criteria and /or internal acceptance criteria.

Vitroglass does not assume any responsibility for the work carried out on the customer's glass, for the occurrence of breakages, nor for the final destination given to the supplied material.

 Material Delivery

The chronological ordering of orders may be altered by Vitroglass, due to technical needs, and Vitroglass is not responsible for delays, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The receipt of the goods must be confirmed by signature and date of receipt by a person authorized by the customer, on the transport bill or other transport document, which must be delivered to the Vitroglass driver

Force Majeure

In case of force majeure (fire, serious accidents, strikes, public disorder, equipment breakdowns, natural accidents or otherwise) Vitroglass can never be held responsible for costs arising from the above situations.

Prices and Billing

The prices and sales conditions that will apply will be in accordance with the rates in force on the day of shipment of the goods.

Warranty and Liability

Our products are manufactured with the best raw materials and the most advanced techniques. Vitroglass guarantees insulating glass units produced by it for a period of 10 years, as long as the Usage and Assembly Rules defined in the product's identification label are complied with.

When the customer receives our products, he must do so in accordance with the principle that he cannot subsequently make claims, alleging defects or defects in the quantity or quality of the products, when they can be observed at the time of receipt.

However, the customer may complain to the seller about a defect in the quantity or quality of the products received, when these are packaged with other means of protection that, by their nature, prevents verification upon receipt.

When the customer wishes to issue the Quality Certificate for the products supplied, he must do so at the time of ordering, in principle, requests for certificates will not be accepted after the delivery of the products.


Rates do not include any type of packaging, as our merchandise travels in bulk. Any type of packaging will be at the customer's expense. If at any time Vitroglass supplies any type of easel or other type of packaging, the customer is obliged to return it within a period not exceeding (1) week, if the deadline is not met, Vitroglass will issue an invoice for the easel.


Whenever the goods are transported through Vitroglass, all anomalies must be registered in the transport document, which must be confirmed by signature of the driver. When the goods are transported by the customer's truck, the responsibility for transport will be exclusively with the customer and also in the case of a crane truck rental service for applying glass or moving trestles, any breakage or damage is the customer's responsibility.

Claims whose origin is in the application or misuse of the product will not be accepted. All complaints must be formalized in writing within 15 days after the invoice is issued, duly substantiated by the customer: invoice number, quantity and composition of the glass, photographs, explanation of the complaint and sent by email to qualidade@vitroglass.pt. The technical analysis of complaints will always be based on the contents of the attached document, applicable regulations and levels of acceptance of product defects.

Expenses for assembly and disassembly of products to replace them are expressly excluded, as well as all other expenses that may arise therefrom. Replaced material must be returned within 30 days. If not, the CUSTOMER will pay for the replaced material.

Maintenance and Cleaning

A glass that has been correctly assembled does not need special care. Cleaning is carried out with clean water or ordinary non-alkaline products.

Do not use abrasive sponges, blades or other objects that could scratch the glass. For best results, clean the windows when they are in the shade and cool. Avoid direct sunlight and/or hot glass when cleaning.


All applicable taxes and fees will always be at the buyer's expense.


Payment Support

Payments can be made by check, bank transfer or cash.

Payment terms

  • 50% on award
  • Remaining in placement / Supply
  • Different payment terms may be analyzed through a case-by-case analysis.

Payment Term Count

  • In the case of payments by check, the payment deadlines will be that which elapses between the date of receipt of the check at Vitroglass offices, (Saturdays/Sundays and holidays);
  •  In the case of bank transfer payments, it will be the one that takes place between the invoice date and the credit date of the Vitroglass bank account (Saturdays/Sundays and holidays);
  •  Payments made on dates more than 60 days from the invoice will be compounded with interest on arrears calculated in accordance with the point “Debits for interest on arrears”.
  • To benefit from the above modalities, it is a necessary condition not to have any overdue invoice, as in this case the payments will be applied to settle the debts.
  •  chosen option imply the non-acceptance of discounts for cash payments made.

Interest and Delinquency Debts

  •  All payments that exceed 60 days, counted in accordance with the paragraph, “Counting Payment Periods” of these general conditions of sale, are subject to default interest charges.
  • Default interest will be calculated according to the following formula:

M= [t x (P-(D+60)) x F] ÷365

F- Invoice Value

t- late payment rate

P- Effective payment date (according to paragraph "Counting Payment Terms".

D- Corresponds to the Invoice Date

M- Corresponds to the total late payment interest debited

The provisions of this point are without prejudice to the provisions of the “Credit Limits” paragraph of these General Sales Conditions.

Note: In case of non-payment, all expenses caused by this fact will be borne by the customer.

The customer may not, under any circumstances, delay payment of their purchases to Vitroglass, based on the possible issuance of credit related to ongoing complaints.

Credit Limits

Vitroglass reserves the right to set credit limits, of a negotiable amount from client to client, and may, for this purpose, demand financial or other guarantees. If it is not possible to Negotiate any credit limit, or in situations where it may be exercised with specific supplies, these supplies can only take place upon prior payments made at Vitroglass offices with 48 hours in advance.

Establishment at this point does not prejudice the provisions of the previous number.


In order to interpret compliance with the foregoing, buyer and seller expressly submit to the competent jurisdiction of the courts of the District of the Selling Company, waiving any other focus or domicile.

In case of dispute, the Court of the District of Braga is the only one competent to resolve it, expressly waiving any other.


Vitroglass Security and Confidentiality Principle

  • Vitroglass ensures that the protection of information is in compliance, both with the Company's internal policies relating to information, and with laws, regulations, customer requirements and others external to the Company;
  • Respects the essential values ​​of democracy and freedom, through a non-intrusive attitude towards security in the Company and in individuals;
  • It guarantees the fundamental right of individuals to privacy, in particular the protection of the personal data of customers and employees;
  •  Ensures the development, implementation and periodic reassessment of specific policies and standards, as well as processes and controls, incorporating security and privacy measures as an essential element for the protection of information assets against internal and external threats;
  •  Access to information is restricted, being used only for communication with the customer and processing their orders, including payment, shipping and after-sales assistance.
  •  If necessary, an external technical consultation, Vitroglass can send the order characteristics (including plans, drawings, others) to its suppliers without prior notice to the customer.
  •  Customers have the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their data, expressly expressing this will through the following email: geral@vitroglass.pt

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