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Commitment to quality and the environment

To keep sustainability and continuously improve our environmental performance

  • To reconcile the concerns regarding economic, financial and environmental sustainability by improving sales performance and rigor in the management of internal resources and consequentcontrol of costs.
  • Planning and systematizing activities of collecting and processing performance data, providing the data analysis and decision-making which allow deviation correction and enhance the continuous improvement.
  • By complying with legal requirements applicable to environmental aspects. 
  • By adopting good environmental practices to prevent pollution, resource optimization and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

To have an image of credibility and good service

  • To ensure demanding, clear and continuous relations with business partners, promoting the contract agreement of their respective products and services and providing after-sales assistance conducive to satisfying customer needs.

To be effective in operationalization and service execution maintaining solid relations with business partners

  • To provide quality products and services, be it in the available infrastructures, in different processes and availability of products and processes based on modern technology, anticipating the market and meeting customer request or in complying and ensuring service and product excellence, potentiating increases in market share.

To effectively communicate with all parties involved

  • To provide the company with technologies that enhance effective communication channels throughout the design cycle and product promotion, performance of services and with all stakeholders.

To value and promote employee skills

  • To provide a team of employees with adequate skills so that they know what to do, how to do it, how to communicate and what posture to adopt, in order to achieve a high level of performance, individually and as a team, leading to motivation and dedication to the company.


About Us

Transform and sell various types of glass. All our products have the underlying application and installation service.



  • Parque Industrial de Gême, Lote G6 e G7
       4730-180 VILA VERDE |  BRAGA | PORTUGAL
  • Phone: +351 253 312 240
  • Email: geral@vitroglass.pt

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